Somebody who uses money having sexual activity, always in the context of prostitution

Somebody who uses money having sexual activity, always in the context of prostitution

trappin’ 1. adj. The fresh operate out-of dealing into the and or that have selling medicines to have the buildup from money for personal obtain. “Yo, shortly after Larry got one to manage them cartels, he trappin’.”

clean out ’em 1. to fix or face some one which have a discovered criteria. To educate someone. “Your betta eliminate ’em in advance of We cure ’em.”

secret step 1. “Yo Calvin. Who’s got one to key more than here having Jamie?” 2. And utilized just like the a beneficial verb. “What makes Tiffany turning tips?” otherwise “Oh, he’s only a trick.”

triflin step 1. v. To help you cheating in your date otherwise wife or even to end up being an excellent poor spouse for the relationship. “Rick! Will you be trifflin with Jackie? You finest vow Tomeka usually do not find out . . . she’s going to open up a could you!” 2. “Guy, Monica are straight triflin’!” step three. A person who was annoying as well as becomes toward individuals nerves.

Talking at the rear of a buddy’s right back, straight back stabbing; somebody who enjoys drama and you may will bring everybody in on the mess

trill step one. adj. an individual who is actually well-respected about avenue as they ‘keep it real’; arises from the words correct and you will actual. “Hi this type of ni##a’s was trill you won’t need to value not one person snitchin’.” Lyrical resource: FLO RIDA – Become You are aware my opening team iced out my nigga thus trill my personal nigga therefore trill ack as you learn

trippin step 1. v./adv. (based on “tripping” ) To act such somebody who are hallucinating or towards an acidic travels. To behave one to others see strange. “Lady, precisely why you trippin . . . the guy ain’t all that!” 2. To do something crazy otherwise aggressive regarding some thing or to the somebody. “Eh, woman! I really don’t know why he be trippin on myself whenever I getting away.”

trolling 1. the new operate off purposely hurtful (even though you might, you are private) anyone else on line always by trying to cheat them to your thought your try serious about some disagreement or area you’re trying to make, or myself attacking him or her, or stating impolite statements. “David’s on the internet trolling to the comment element of church other sites just as he thinks it is enjoyable to help you distressed those spiritual some one.”

troop 1. letter. a long stroll or trip. *Although this label isn’t widely used any longer, it nonetheless holds saying whilst has already established have fun with that will end up being however inside flow in certain contexts. “Taco Bell? That’s a beneficial troop . 5.”

truthiness 1. letter. whenever one thing seems to be, or is sensed to be real, no matter if this is simply not fundamentally real.

tunnin’ 1. v. To combat perfectly; challenge much. A 3rd coastline & Filthy Southern area term. “Anytime i see a celebration, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ step one. v. turf dance otherwise (T.U.Roentgen.F.=trying out area on the ground) definition having fun with a big area since you dance. This style of dancing is actually associated with Hyphy, Krumping, or Bucking and you will try originated from Oakland, Ca. “JJ was successful the battle right up until Rajaad been turfin’ thereon deceive and you may took him out.”

tweaker 1. adj. A person who is actually addicted to methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally did not sleep for more than forty occasions, I will choice the woman is good tweaker.”

tweakin’ step one. v. to behave eg somebody who has drawn Methamphetamine. Becoming way too much hyper or active. To behave surprisingly.

A sexually effective ladies

tweaking 1. v. In order to snort otherwise cigarette smoking methamphetamine (crank, speed). In some instances people will take it intervenously. “What makes your figiting such, are you tweaking once more?”

twigga 1. n. a version of your term ‘wigga’ (light nigga), commonly utilized in Tx. “Jason is valid twigga, the guy symbolizing her or him twice greater trailers!” dos. letter. a black colored person who uses Myspace and comes after those activities from most other black some one. “I recently lay every one of my personal twiggas up on next spot to struck upwards this evening.”

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