What if I want to return the product?

The customer should request the return through the Customer Service (SAC), which today is our email support@soulzenshop.com or by following the procedures on this page by clicking on this link.

The expenses incurred from collecting or posting the product will be borne by Soul Zen.

Right of regret: the customer will be given the right to regret the purchase, with the purpose of returning the product, in which case the following conditions should be observed:

The deadline for withdrawing from the purchase of the product is up to 7 (seven) consecutive days, counting from the date of receipt; In case of return, the product should be returned to Soul Zen in the original packaging, without any damage or any type of washing, accompanied by the manual (if any) and all its accessories.

After the product arrives at the Distribution Center, Soul Zen will check if the above conditions have been met. If so, it will provide a refund of the total purchase value.

In credit card purchases, the card issuer will be notified and the refund will occur on the next or subsequent bill, whether or not the number of installments used in the purchase.

The reimbursement period and the collection of the remaining installments after the full refund of the product value on the customer's credit card by Soul Zen is the responsibility of the card issuer.

In the event of future installment charges by the card issuer, the customer will not be charged, as Soul Zen, as mentioned above, makes the full refund of the product value in one go, and the credit for the refund is granted in full by the card issuer on the billing statement following the month of cancellation.

In purchases paid with bank slip or debit in account, the refund will be made by bank deposit, within 10 (ten) working days, only in the account of the buyer, which must be individual. It is necessary that the CPF of the holder of the current account is the same as the one mentioned in the order."